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Favourite ice cream flavour?

Pistachio or strawberry. But pistachio wins :)

Favourite language other than Czech or English?

Hmmm I learnt Russian at school but don’t really remember it now. I love the sound of Spanish and Italian

What do you do for entertainment on a long-haul flight? Books? Movies? Music?

I try to sleep as much as I can, especially if I need to get on a different timezone and cope with jet lag. Otherwise, all of the above, books, movies and music!

What do you order in a sushi restaurant?

I order the dragon roll for sure with eel sauce, the eel makes it a perfect combination.

Favourite nail colour

Pink, but it has to be a dark pink like almost red. I can’t wait to get a manicure again on my left hand!

Favourite thing to do with your nieces and nephew

I love to wrestle with them and tickle them! Sometimes I am too strong for them but they are still laughing, haha.

First Czech thing you want to eat/drink when you get back to the Czech Republic from a tournament.

There’s a typical Czech dumpling called svickova, with meat and sauce. But it’s not that healthy so I don’t really eat it too much!

Best player lounge on Tour

Hmm, it’s not a typical player lounge, but the members’ dressing-room upstairs at Wimbledon is my favourite place to hang out at a tournament – it is so calm and peaceful in there and the ladies are looking after us so well.

Which player is the loudest in the locker room?

JJ! Of course!

Favourite snack when you go to the movies?


Which player makes you laugh the most?

It has to be my best friend Lucie (Hradecka)

Night owl or early riser? (do you stay up late or get up early?)

Definitely early riser

Summer or winter?

Definitely summer!

Ice hockey or football?

I like both but I will say ice hockey

Best present you ever got from a fan

The Chinese fans always give the best presents – I love the Pojd Petra t-shirts and caps they gave me over there.


Photo credit: Lucie Robinson for magazine Marianne.