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03.03.14 Start of 2014 Season

blog1Hi everyone,

The first-round loss at the Australian Open was very tough for me because I was expecting more from myself. I worked so hard in the off-season and that’s why I felt so nervous, because I wanted it too much. It took some days to get over it, normally I bounce back pretty quickly but this one hurt.

I wanted to play Paris to keep playing matches and forget about Australia as fast as possible, but unfortunately I was sick and couldn’t use my wild card there. I was so sick that I also didn’t play Fed Cup – it was so weird because it was the first time I hadn’t played. I was watching on live score and I was very nervous – it’s much better when you’re playing, that’s why I’m looking forward to the semifinal at home.

They were tough days for me and I knew I wouldn’t be in good shape when I went to Doha and Dubai. I just practiced for three days before Doha so it was great that I won two matches, after big fights, and I was just feeling happy to be back.

I didn’t defend my title in Dubai. I don’t know exactly what happened. I played so well in the first set against Carla (Suarez Navarro), but the match was getting longer and longer, the night was getting cooler and the balls were not flying as much. The rallies got longer and she started playing really well – I had some chances to finish the match but she came back and in the end it was just about a few points. In Doha I won matches like that, and in Dubai I lost.

It was definitely a mental battle. If I know I am practicing well, it translates to the court. At this moment, I really wanted to win so it can be really frustrating because I know that I can play well.

Thankfully I have really great fans and they sent me a lot of nice messages after the match. It’s not when you are winning, but you see the real fans when you are losing. I have the best fans in the world, they understand sport and are still believing in me no matter what.

So now I will head to Indian Wells. The running machine has been my best friend for the past few days at home, and I have been practicing every day with David. I have no pain and I am not ill so fingers crossed! Indian Wells is a beautiful tournament and the weather is great. The courts there are quite slow so I will get there early and spend a lot of time getting used to the courts. I have heard there is a Nobu on site there so I’m looking forward to trying it. Hope to see some of you there!



  • GoMano,

    great to hear it Petra dont give up

  • Inge,

    Hey Petra, Dekuji (that’s thank you, right?) for mentioning us fans in this blog! It’s always hard to see you lose, but when you win and smile again it’s such a reward for us all. We know you work hard and we love you for that! I have faith in you!

  • Jim Ryan Jr,

    That’s great Petra! Keep being positive and spirits up! I’m sure good things like winning many matches in a row will start happening for you!

  • Alex,

    Hi Petra, I am a fan of you come from china ,so glad that you come back ,wish you keep healthy all the season ! BTW,so mang fans in China love you and Li Na, we all touched by the friendship between you and her, you two are always positive,smiling,training hard and keep fighting,really nice girl !No matter on or off court ,you still the way you are ,so love you two ,really looking forward your performance in Indian Wells,good luck to you !^_^

  • Max,

    Continue to stay positive, it sure your hard training is going to paid soon. You can play an excellent Tennis in Indian Wells, you have the talent to go more far than your first round loss in the AO. I know you can do it. I pray for you, never give up! Still close with your fans, you are the best. Love u

  • insomniacfolder,

    You’ll soon be back in the winners circle – your class is permanent.
    Best wishes Petra.

  • Tam,

    Go go go, Petra. We always proud of what you got in the past so just hung in there and keep moving.
    Just forget about the sadness.
    Good luck

  • Yu,

    Hi Petra, I’m a huge fun of yours. You’re my most favorite player! I was in Australia this January with my husband where we attended your semifinal in Sydney and 1st round in Melbourne. I always believe you will be the best player in the world and win many more Grand Slams! Keep working on your fitness and stay healthy and injury free. We’re living in South FLorida and my husband and I will be driving down to see you win in Miami (Key Biscayne). Meanwhile, best wishes for Indian Wells!

  • Muhamad Faisol,

    Hi Petra ….. Firstly , would like to say hope u and ur team are fine. I am writing this comments since I saw ur result in Indian Wells 2014. As I am a fan of you which on my suggestion “please keep ur confident ” , this is very important for ur next game. win and loose on the sport are Natural. No need to disappoint. Much more works to do from you to improve in the next level … Also no need to say “why now I am different in 2011″… no ..no need . However you already one of some wta players has Wimbledon Grand Slam Champion and WTA Championship winner . Good luck on the next tour .

  • Steve,

    Hi Peta, love your new website! and fan of yours to, your my number #1 player I’m from U.K. All the best in the world and hope you win some more Grand Slams to your collection. Good Luck this year and all the coming tournament’s 2014.
    Luv u xoxox

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