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05.12.14 Pre-season

Pre-seasonHello! It has been a long time since I found the time to sit down and write a blog…actually I realised that I haven’t done it since Wimbledon, sorry about that!

Well I finally got to take a break after the Fed Cup Final and relax after a very long season. I had two weeks away from tennis completely and went to Monaco for a few days before heading to Dubai just to chill on the beach with my brother. Those two weeks without my racket always fly by so quickly and since Wednesday last week I have already been back at work.

I’m happy to say that my pre-season is going very well so far. I am healthy and working very hard on everything that I need to improve for 2015. My new fitness coach Alex Stober has been absolutely great. He has a lot of experience and he knows what to do, he arrived with a very specific plan to make me stronger and faster on court. It’s also great that he is a physio as well because he knows exactly how a tennis player’s body is working.

The exercises we are doing are very focused on tennis and on my game specifically so that I can play tennis the “Petra” way. At the end of every day we have treatment so that he can find any little injuries and  help me to get rid of the pain…that is everywhere!

It’s actually really nice to have an international team and it’s funny because David speaks German so he can easily speak with Alex about me! Otherwise we are speaking English of course, so now I have Czechs, a German, Dutch and British in my team – that’s pretty international :)

When I did a Facebook Q&A recently, one of my fans asked me what I am most proud of from this season. To be honest, I am proud of many things. I definitely went through some tough moments and I know that it was important to get over them for my self-belief. I am proud of myself that every time I woke up and went to practice, I just focused on trying to be better. Of course Wimbledon was the highlight of the year, I won my second Grand Slam and to have two Wimbledon trophies in my parents’ house means absolutely everything to me. Then the last match of the season against Kerber was really terrific, a great battle and the perfect match to end the season on a high.

The most important lesson I learnt is that if your game is not working as you would like, you still have to believe. It’s easy just to give up and to say “I can’t do it” but I always wanted to be better. And I learnt never, ever to give up.

Next year I have some clear goals in my mind. I want to have better results at the Grand Slams and of course one day I want to be Number One in the world. I have been close already, but I really hope that day will come. Those clear goals are motivating me to work harder than ever before to get ready for 2015.

So I want to wish everyone Happy Holidays and I hope you all enjoy the off-season before we are back on the court again. I will be wishing just for good health this year from Father Christmas, not only for me but for my closest ones and of course for all my fans :)

See you very soon,



  • Steve,

    Hi Petra, Yes, I would like say to Congratulation for you for winning Wimbledon for the second time last 2014 and also to your team.
    Good Luck for 2015 season to.

  • Eva,

    Hi Petra, we are always with you wishing you all the best! And it is great to see you having fun both on and off court. Merry Christmas!

  • Faisol,

    Hi Petra, great to hear ur new fitness coach and hopefully to improve ur games in the future.However , you already have amazing season in 2014 especially on the second half. Starting the winner of Wimbledon again Genie , continue in nice final in New Heaven again ur closed friend and I noted it’s nice a ceremony after final has ever seen on WTA how you made with Rybka. Also you continue in Wuhan ( winner ) through to Singapore when you beat Sharapova with fantastic scores and the last you did when you bring the Fed Cup Trophy with Czech team. CONGRATS PETRA AND SUCCESS ON THE FUTURE.

  • giuseppe,

    ciao Petra,
    io spero tu divenga la numero 1 del 2015. Buona fortuna.
    i hope you will be the 2015′s Number One !!! Good luck Petra!!!

  • Yu,

    Hi Petra, congratulations on your great 2014 season highlighted by winning your second Wimbledon and third Fed Cup! I’m rooting for you to achieve your 2015 goals of winning more Grand Slams and becoming number one in the world! Yu

  • giuseppe,

    Hi Petra,
    i loved Martina Navratilova’s play style when i was young, and now i love your style. good luck for 2015 season.

  • Tricia,

    Congratulations on such a positive finish to the year Petra. Have a wonderful Xmas and we all look forward to seeing you here in Australia in the new year.

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