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Petra is through to her third final in four tournaments after another stunning display in the WTA Elite Trophy semifinals. Petra dominated on serve once again – she has not dropped serve once this tournament – to oust home favourite Zhang Shuai 6-2 6-2 in devastating fashion. Hear what Petra had to say after the match…


Q. Another good match from you today. What do you think was the key to getting it done so efficiently?

PETRA KVITOVA: I think the key was really on my serve. Was couple of games really tight and she really went for it. From the return already she put the pressure on me, which is not nice of course on this kind of surface.

She really knew that she has to go for it and she did. That was kind of the tricky one probably, to keep the serve still and then wait for some chance to break her. I mean, when I break her I did feel a little bit better, more relaxed, more confident as well.

The last game was really tight as well. I’m glad that my serve helped me again today.

Q. What did you make of the court? I spoke to Stosur and she said it wasn’t that fast, but it wasn’t that slow. You seem to really like it and it seems to really suit your rhythm. Curious what your opinion is.

I do. Yeah, I do like it. I find it a little bit faster, to be honest. I think that when the ball is bouncing it’s really like not bouncing very high, so it’s very low all the time. I think that when you’re really playing aggressive even the flat shots is just not really bouncing.

So that’s what I find pretty quick. Even on the serve when you hit the line sometimes it’s really difficult to return it. Yeah.

Q. (Through translation.) During the press conference of Zhang Shuai before she mentioned you’re one of the top aggressive players in the world. She said one of the reasons is because you can finish the game before your opponent even picks up. How do you comment on your game with her? What will be your preparation for your next match on Sunday?

It’s for sure — is it working?

Good. First of all, I think it’s very nice of her that she said it, that I do play well. I did actually. I already explain the game of today.

For tomorrow, I need some good massage probably, good sleep as well. Tomorrow will be ready for that match again. Doesn’t matter who I going to play, but the finals are always difficult. I love to play in finals. That’s one of the reason as well.

I mean, I need to be ready 100%. It’s not the last match of the season for me so far yet, but on the WTA it is. So I will really — oh, boy, I’m tired.

Yeah. (Laughter.)

Q. Who is going to be your rival we don’t know yet. Can you just give some comment on either of Johanna and Elina?

I played Jo and Elina in Wuhan, both of them actually. I did feel that with Svitolina I knew if I out the pressure on her, when she’s under the pressure she’s not playing that well as she is.

Of course it’s always difficult to put a pressure on her because she is serving and returning well.

Same with Jo. I don’t really see bigger difference. I think with Jo it’s more aggressive, trying to play more shots down the line. That’s probably the biggest difference.

I think both of them playing aggressive. I think they going to try tomorrow.

Q. Speaking of this being your last WTA match, with FedCup coming up, was this match any preparation for you, playing a Chinese player in China?

That’s good one. Yeah, I think as I mentioned on the court after my match, it’s always nice to play in China. I know I do have a lot of fans here. It’s great to play in front of them.

You know, playing Chinese is a little bit different and the crowd is never 100% for you. It’s never.

But it was nice. They were really great. They support both of us and really clapping after every point, which is always nice. It was full and was really great. I mean, the audience was really great today.

But as preparation, yeah. But I think in Fed Cup it’s a little bit different. It’s like a little more loudly, and in France it should be around 6000, 7000 people coming.

It will be great. We know how to play away, of course, but it’s always better to play home for sure. But that’s how it is. They have advantage right now.