Interview: “I will leave this victory in my heart”

– You have quite a few bright victories to your credit, you won the year end championships so which place will this victory in St. Petersburg take in your career?

I think that every title is different and has its own story; this is my second title after my comeback I didn’t play at the beginning of the last year. It is special for me to win this trophy, indoor that I always loved. Hopefully it shows me that I still can play good. I have good games during the whole week which I spent here. So it is very special one for me. And I will remember that.


– We obviously saw you playing at the level of the world number one today and Kristina Mladenovic has just admitted that there is nothing she can do when you are playing like this. So can we hope to see you playing like this, maybe not every single week but at least at 10 tournaments throughout the year?

Hopefully. I will go for it as well. It is not easy to play like that every time you step on the court. Tennis is an individual sports. It depends on the hormones sometimes as well: how you sleep or don’t sleep. It is pretty challenging to play like this. I really went for it today; I love to play the finals of the tournaments. Probably I was born for that. I mean I always gave everything what I have. It was the same today. Kiki played well. She challenged me as well. I hope I can continue this good shape.


– When I was watching at your tennis today it reminded me of a hurricane and it reminded mw the level of the game you played at your winning Wimbledon. Are you completely satisfied with the game you show or you have something to improve?

We are human. We are always trying to get better even I wouldn’t play well my match today I think I did everything well. I think my volleys and serve help me today, my return as well but there are small things you can improve. And I think it is a good thing because it made us going forward. Now I am sitting here and satisfied inside. I know that I played a good game. That is what I will leave finally in my heart.


– Could you please share your game plan for today?

Just to have winners and aces (laugh).


– Your colleague Caroline Wozniacki after her win in Melbourne according to her dressed up, she had some yachting as a pleasure boat and also had some champagne. What are you planning to do to celebrate your win?

I think that Caroline is different she is more celebrating person than me. For me I always celebrate for myself and my team and people around me. I am not a really big drink girl as well I am not a party girl as well. I will enjoy some good dinner tonight for sure and maybe will have a glass of wine. And I hope I will have a good sleep then.


– You said during the awarding ceremony that you planned to come back here. Have you already engaged in some concrete negotiations with the organizing committee with respect to your eventual participating next year or you gonna use next year this tournament as journalist said back-up airport in case you don’t do as well at the Australian Open.

I have no idea I have just finished it and I just really loved the way I played, loved the tournament. It was just perfect for me. It’s a beautiful city. Finally I saw cruiser “Aurora” at night you should be very proud of me. We didn’t do a schedule for the next year yet. We will see. It was a great week for me so I will be very happy to come back.


– If you were to dedicate your victory today any idea of whom it might be? As a suggestion it might be Jana Novotna?

It’s pretty sad question. I think Jana deserves more than just a title from here. So it will go to my parents for sure.