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  • 28 Nov

    My new fitness trainer Alex has got me working haaaard :) / Tvrdy trenink s mym novym kondicnim trenerem Alexem :) http://t.co/Bi0ZRxddhw

  • 26 Nov

    A sushi feast after the first day of training. Don't worry, I will share it ;) Sushi po prvnim… http://t.co/ZkMRNmgcfF

  • 25 Nov

    Winter is coming so maybe I will start my preparation with a different stick ;) Zima se blizi, ze… http://t.co/ThKX7k7Urd

  • 23 Nov

    Had a great break in Dubai and now ready to go back to cold reality :) Po bajecnem odpocinku v… http://t.co/nlTluz3F9w

  • 23 Nov

    Last day of vacation.. / Posledni den dovolene.. http://t.co/a0LIJrSgLq

  • 22 Nov

    Hi guys! I love reading when I have time. My next book is Looking for Alaska. What are you reading,… http://t.co/H3FFlIX7MG

  • 22 Nov

    Enjoying the sunshine / Uzivam si slunicka http://t.co/d7uuc1C1Ch

  • 21 Nov

    A quick hello from Dubai! Finally relaxing and enjoying the rest :) Zdravim z Dubaje! Konecne trosku… http://t.co/t4nBwB0GoR

  • 16 Nov

    It was beautiful weather for a run in Monaco today :) Dnes byl krasny den v Monaku, stvoren pro beh :) http://t.co/qSWppbA2qL

  • 15 Nov

    Time for coffee and a catch-up with my best friend Veronika in Monaco :) http://t.co/Z5LU3SAf1z

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